GoDaddy SSL Certificates, and addon Domains

If you are reading this you may have found out the hard way that GoDaddy offers quick easy SSL certs ONLY for your Primary website when using their cPanel servers.  Well what if you need a certificate for an addon domain?  Well they do not support that…. Kind of.  They will gladly charge you $50 to setup the SSL certificate on your addon domain.  I think this is BS, and the instructions they offer on how to do it yourself have more holes that Swiss cheese.  After doing tons of internet research I was not able to find any step by step guides on this processes.  After paying the $50 once I was determined to find out how I could do it myself.  I have documented the process for others to save them time.  Please understand GoDaddy may change this process at anytime, but this worked as of 07/10/2017.  #YMMV -smAsh

*** You MUST already have a certificate or have purchased one from GoDaddy before this point.

Steps to reuse or re-key a GoDaddy Cert
1. Uninstall old CERT from SSL website (Under cPanel/SSL Manager/Install and Manage SSL for your site (HTTPS))
2. Delete old cert from cert list (Under cPanel SSL Manager/Certificates (CRT))​
3. Create new server key (not necessary but good security practice) (Under cPanel/SSL Manager/Private Keys (KEY)​)​
4. Create new CSR using newly created Server key. (Under cPanel/SSL Manager/Certificate Signing Requests (CSR)​)​
5. Setup website with SSL, Manage existing SSL cert under GoDaddy SSL Certificates/Re-Key & Manage/
5a. Re-Key certificate​: re-key with New CSR,
5b. Change the site that your certificate protects​: Change the site that the cert protects
5c. Save
5d. Submit all changes. Await for SSL email from GoDaddy
6. Once email has been received, Download the Cert from GoDaddy in Apache zip format. Keep this file as you will need it to install SSL website.

7. Install the Cert with the domain​ (Under cPanel/SSL Manager/Install and Manage SSL for your site (HTTPS))
7a. Pick the domain
7b. Copy in Certificate: (CRT), Private Key (KEY), & Certificate Authority Bundle: (CABUNDLE)
7c. Click Install Certificate, and wait for response.

8. Check your HTTPS://Domain-Name for working cert, and check it against